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Doug is a farrier on the Enumclaw Plateau. He grew up on a horse farm, near Irwin’s gas station, just off SR 169. He and his wife, Sue, live and work on D Bar S Ranch, in the old Osceola community, just a few miles from where he grew up.

Doug left Enumclaw High School in 1980 and attended the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School. At the age of 19 he came back home and started his own horseshoeing business. He’s had his hands on rasps, nippers and hammers ever since.

Part craftsman, part psychologist and part teacher, farriers are specialists in equine hoof care. Most of Doug’s business has come from trimming hooves and shoeing horses. He shoes all types of horse for all types of riding.

In hot weather or cold, or during rain or shine, if you don’t find Doug at a local barn shoeing for his customers, you may find him at his own ranch. Doug’s knowledge of horses and Sue’s love of donkeys and mules are their passion.

Married since 2002, Doug and Sue have also blended a family which includes daughter Cassi, from Tacoma, nephew Tony in Maryland, sons Travis, Cody and Justin, and Sue’s dad, Jim Plowden and Doug’s mom are local to the Enumclaw area. All three boys are farriers, with Cody operating Cody Wallace Horseshoeing, and Justin and Travis are working with Doug.

In his sparse spare time, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, riding and working on his cars. He is proud to have a strong business, happy family life, spend time with good people, and of course loves the craft of horseshoeing

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Doug & Sue Wallace

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